About us

In the tenement house at number 15 – in the hotel building – in 1906 Handler the owner of the oberschleisische Bierbrauerei, opened his very first brewery with Monopol Pils Beer. In 1939 a modernist European hotel was opened on this site, equipped with all of the comforts and luxuries, at which there was also a beer warekouse in the Schwede breweries. Courently, the Best Western Mariacki Hotel and Browar Mariacki Restaurat are honored to continued the pre-war hotel and brewery tradition of this place.

Our team

Davyd Illinsky

Chief Bartender, creator of the cocktails and drinks menu at Browar Mariacki. Inspired by the traditions of Silesia, Davyd prepared original compositions with such a tasty names as Malinowe Maszkiety or Citron Szpajza. Our drink menu also includes non-alcoholic items that taste unchallenged by traditional drinks.

Our team

Anna Chwałko

Chief Bartender, creator of the cocktails Director and soul of the Mariacki Brewery. Thanks to 19 years of experience in the industry, she has built a team that looks after each guest every day. Her philosophy is based on the constant collection of new experiences and learning to strive for even better results.

Our team

Daniel Kałuża

A self-taught brewer with ten years of experience. Thanks to his passion for craft beer, he has launched a dozen breweries all over Poland, where he trained many brewers. Author of the legendary PPPP brewing calculator. In Browar Mariacki, he has been brewing for the first time in 2017.

For children

For the youngests, we have prepared a special menu and attractions that will make their time pleasant. Hand-embroidered stuffed animals, crayons and coloring books await every child. And for the more adventurous there is also an opportunity to see how the kitchen works in our restaurant.

Pet friendly

You can bring your pet to our restaurant. Thanks to the cooperation with the Tropidog company, we have prepared a special menu for animals that will allow your four-legged friend to feast at Browar Mariacki.


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